Magma 62 Launch

On Friday I’m going down to the Old Smoke of London. Why is it always called the Old Smoke? Or even the Ol’ Smoke. I think a lot of the smoke will be new smoke. But anyway.
I am going to the city that is called London and I am going there to read my poem ‘These Things Happen’ in the London Review Bookshop. I have been invited to do this because it is the launch of Issue 62 of Magma Poetry magazine and my poem is being published.

This is very exciting. I like Magma poetry and am really pleased to be published. When I got the email that said this was the case I actually wooped. I don’t often woop, and certainly not when sat alone in my bedroom.

Here is a picture of the bookshop in question –


My aunty will be coming to watch me read my poem, which I’m glad about.

If you’d like to come too, then you can, by getting a ticket on EventBrite here –

It’s free.

If you’re in London or would like to be in London and come along, I’d like that very much.


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