Christmas Cracker Number One

Tonight was a Christmas Cracker. It got pulled open by fantastic organisation by Live Theatre and inventive, creative writing directing and acting by everyone involved ( I was gonna name people but I haven’t got a program and I’d miss the people whose names I didn’t know) and if that seems twee, well its Christmas so its allowed alright?

I got to be involved in Live Lab Christmas Adventures and again got to write with Matilda Neill and Rowan McCabe, which continues to be a joy. We came up with a tragic little Christmas number together which seemed to go down well. I’ve been really enjoying writing in partnership with people and it feels like it’s taking off and building as a relationship.

It makes me happy and, as it always does when something makes me happy, my head finds a way to hold me back and say ‘well what about this?’ and in this case this takes the form of people I’ve previously written with and don’t so often anymore and pining for those creative relationships. I know I’ll get to restoke them at some point in the future but for now that’s the heart-tug.

In particular, my friend Josh Judson and I will create wonderful things together at some point I’m sure. He’s based in London and I’m up in Newcastle and we can bat ideas back and forth but I look forward to the day that we live in the same city again and get to put some of them into practice.

Writing with other people is fab. Writing with Rowan and Matilda is endless fun and such a learning curve in how ideas work and shift in collaboration and I look forward to making lots more things with them, starting with the re-boot of Red Is The New Blue at Live in February.

As someone who’s often seduced by the lone-genius-in-a-garret myth, moments where I appreciate creativity with others feel like a genuine high. Tonight was a one of those.


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