Manchester’s the place to be this Saturday. . .

If you’re in Manchester on May 7th (this Saturday!) and looking for theatre, you’re spoiled for choice.


2 Magpies Theatre will be performing their new show ‘Last Resort’ at The Lowry, a show, exploring ‘the imagined future of a deeply troubling past’ Guantanamo Bay –


I’ve seen all of 2Magpies previous projects and all have been entertaining and deeply thought-provoking – well worth a watch.


Over the other side of town, Josh Coates is performing his show ‘Get Yourself Together’ at the Royal Exchange – a show which examines the line between depression as a clinical and a political issue.
I haven’t seen the show yet myself but have heard nothing but good things, including this, by Zoe Murtagh  – – and if that doesn’t make you want to see the show, what will? It made me annoyed that I’ll be busy this time round!


Busy because. . . (smooth segue . . .)


I’ll be performing my first solo show ‘Sticking’ ON THE SAME NIGHT! It opens on Saturday at Contact Theatre in Manchester –


It’s a show about moving away from home, the power of music to trigger memories, and the ups and downs of trying to forge a concrete identity in a short space of time. It’s a show for anyone who’s felt lost in a new place before.


I realise that it’s arguably a bad idea to promote events that are clashing with my own, but it makes me feel giddy and excited to know that so many incredible things will be happening on the same night, and that I can be part of that.


I wish a little bit that I could be in all three places at once, but knowing that other people I know and respect are doing their thing, across the same city, at the same time as I’ll be doing mine, is something that I know is going to give me energy.


Have a look at all three of these shows though, have a read about them. They’ll all be on again. I’d recommend checking them all out at some point. And if you’re in Manchester on Saturday, come see one! Whichever’s closest, whichever takes your fancy. You’ll not regret it. It’s going to be a good night to be in Manchester.




PS – ‘Get Yourself Together’ and ‘Last Resort’ will also be on in their respective venues on May 6th. Mine’s just the 7th.




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