14/48 Digital

One of the creative highlights of lockdown for me has been the continuation of 14/48 Leicester theatre festival.
Back in the ‘real world’, 14/48 ran two day festivals in which 14 new plays would be created and performed in 48 hours (7 a day)
It’s great fun. There’s little time for chin-stroking. It’s straight in and get something made, and it is amazing what brilliant stuff can be made in that time with everyone pulling together spectacularly.
Over lockdown, they’ve sped up if anything, and have done various Working From Home festivals, with plays and monologues rehearsed and shared online, over all of these wonderful platforms we have. And what’s more, it’s managed to keep the high-energy community feel of the live events, which feels like a huge achievement. Still loads of pulling together of different talented people, loads of enthusiasm and loads of quality.
I’ve been involved both live and online before as a director and loved it and, this coming week, will have the chance to again.
This one’s very exciting though, as all of the plays produced (4 in total) have been written by 8-12 year olds, with help from a team of writers. Over this week, we’ll be making and pre-recording those, and then they’ll all be streamed on Saturday 20th Feb at 1pm HERE – https://1448uk.com/takeover2021/
I’d love it if you’d come and check it out. I currently have no idea what these scripts will be, but I know I’m hugely excited, everyone who has seen them is hugely excited, and that the supportive and hugely talented 14/48 team is gearing up to pull together again to make this a proper mint event.
Come along! We’d love you to see what we’ve made


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