Five Years, with Neal Pike

Set in a special needs school in the 1990’s, Five Years is an autobiographical one-man show which combines spoken-word poetry, improvisation and direct address to ask ‘how do you overcome a position of powerless to find your identity? How do you remain optimistic when you’re encouraged not to expect too much of yourself?’ It’s a quiet shout, a voice for those differently abled, differently identified, marginalised and put down. Starkly honest, poetic, but with a clear eye on the light at the end of the tunnel, Neal Pike explores sexuality, friendship, loss and ambition against adversity.

Written and performed by Neal Pike, directed by Matt Miller


From Square Chapel Scratch, 07/06/2017:

Lots of impact, vivid, we began to inhabit the performer’s biography & world. Good physical use of the stage”


“Powerful, brave, thought-provoking”


“Well-structured narrative with moments of real poignancy. A courageous and honest performance that had the audience rooting for the performer – an important voice in amongst the creative, social and political context in which we exist.”




Following the performance of Five Years at Nottingham Playhouse as part of their Playground Curtain Raisers programme:

From Left Lion, 11/10/2017:

The exploration of youth, friendship, sexuality and loss will resonate with most as experiences we all have to come to terms with, as we grow up and grow older. However, the honesty of this from the viewpoint of someone who, due to circumstance and societal labels, gives a voice to those who do not always have the words to express themselves.”

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From Hey, What’s On Notts?, 06/10/2017:

“endearing in that through Five Years (Neal) has become the narrator of his own story . . . His ability to set a scene with movements and tone is spot on”


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Durham Book Festival 2018, Gala Theatre, Sunday October 14th


Funded by Arts Council England